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Ellinor died in after having a son William in He purchased another acres from Growden in William Beale and William Lickfold were witnesses to this land purchase. William married Elizabeth and had a son John Beale William Beale died in in PA.

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He was born in Southwark, Surrey. C was a Quaker preacher, who moved with his new wife to Philadelphia in Thomas Chalkley made approx 15 Quaker preaching trips to Barbadoes and various Caribbean islands during his lifetime. C in Thomas Chalkley died on the island of Tortola neighboring island to St Croix in Dorcas Lillie , Quaker preacher, was with Chalkley at his death. Their daughter Rebecca James married in my ancestor John Thompson. She was a Quaker preacher on St Croix. She mentions Isaac Barnes of Trenton as one of her flock. Dorcas married 3rd husband Thomas Lillie of St Croix, a planter.

Thomas dies prior , when we have no Thomas Lillie listed. We do however have Madame Bignell and a son living at that same plantation. We note a Henry Bellingham born Kendal, Westmorland in He owned slaves, he named a nearby stream Guinea Run. The current town of Langhorne, PA was named after him. A description of the painting written I believe by my great grandfather Edward F. Fuller account in the Art Journal for June This was Henry Lowther the 3rd viscount Lonsdale.

Various Lonsdales owned plantations in Barbadoes, and were very rich. The subject of the engraving was William Lowther, 3rd earl of Lonsdale Edward F. Beale collected engraving showing Lord Lonsdale.

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Google confirms that in Lodowick Christian Sprogell was a dyer by trade in Phila, a land speculator, and that he was one of inhabitants to petition the assembly to raise the value of the coin. For we see his name listed in the Hornor Furniture Blue book. In addition, James Humphreys in his will identifies one of his own children as Lodowick Sprogell Humphreys! He moved to PA, and his name was connected with the witness to the will of Mary Beale, widow to George Beale d Beale bought his acres in two parcels from two Quaker families, one named Dixon, one named Allen.

Did George Beale know him through his father? My assumption is that they had a son John Hunt , and that he moved to PA. He had a nephew Henry Hall Graham.

He died as a Quaker exile to VA in Ancestor Beale may have known the James family through his association with Mary Robbins. Basil Feast, late of Santa Croix, now of Phila. Captain Riche was a major slave trader, his brother was on St Croix. Many of those named were temporarily banished to Winchester, VA. My theory is that ancestor George Beale was a great admirer of William Penn.


His wife was Mary Bradshaw. Another son John Bradshaw was born in A man named John James was one of the earliest settlers on St Croix in Bradshaw Sr died in John Bradshaw of St Croix executor.

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During this time, he is living there with his wife Mary Beale and various children and slaves. His boss John Bradshaw was a very wealthy English Catholic plantation owner. I now suspect that George Beale was a recent convert to Catholism, brought about by his close association with the wealthy Catholic planters for whom he worked.

All the many Quaker connections in this paper lead me to now believe that George Beale is in fact descended from Quaker George Beale of Surrey, England. Quaker preacher. From a Saturday girl to a dynamic and bubbly stylist, Caitlins speciality is colouring! She "loves loves loves colour" As a two time color expert specialist, she brings enthusiasm and passion to the Edward Beale team.


Caitlin will look after you, being creative and attentive to meet your individual and lifestyle needs. One of our creative directors, Karen has a world of experience and love for her craft. After 15 years as part of the Edward Beale family, Karen is a Specialist in colour and cutting… with her love in transforming. Britt our youngest stylist has been part of the family for 4 years.

She is our little blowdry Master…. Creating elegant and simple styling.

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